Komatsu simulators

As close to reality as you can get

Man with Oculus Rift VR headset

The Komatsu simulators are perfect for quantitative training before you start operating real machines in the forest. An environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to gain realistic experience, increase safety awareness and practice challenging scenarios without the risk of injury or damage to the equipment.

For experienced operators, simulator training offers an opportunity to test new methods that can result in increased efficiency and productivity. With these simulators, you can master your skills and train together with colleagues with machines that perform the same way as they do in the forest.

Two Komatsu Forest Simulators with operators in action, using the 3 screen LED display setup.

Real-world training. Your way.

The Komatsu Simulator provides unbeatable real-world simulation. The simulator software is based on a physics engine (AgX Physics) that provides real-time simulation technology. The virtual environment is constantly updated based on what the user is doing – just as it would in reality. What’s more, the operator can customise the forest with the right terrain, landscape and tree species to match the usual working environment.

Bar graph on screen of productivity

An investment in productivity

Both surveys and experience show that productivity can differ as much as 30 percent between different operators. Thus, tools that enable operators to repeat daily work manoeuvres in a safe and environmentally friendly virtual environment is a great way for companies and individuals to increase profitability. It also opens new opportunities for method courses based on each operator’s behaviour.

Screenshot with stacks frominstruction programme

Giving instructors the right tools

The built-in instruction programme guides the operator through basic training to full operation in the forest. The simulators are available in ten different languages, which makes it easier to understand new functions and instructions. A separate instructor station provides an even better overview and interaction with the operators. The instructor can set up learning paths to ensure that the operator is reaching their educational goals. The instructor is also able to pause the simulation, record video clips and create comments with timestamps.

Man with Oculus Rift VR headset sitting in Komatsu simulator

A virtual reality experience

To further increase the immersion and operator experience the simulator can be equipped with an Oculus Rift VR headset. This technology enables a 360° operator’s view with realistic depth perception. The package includes a headset and an additional computer for driving the graphics.

More feedback: The Motion system

The motion system creates that final immersive experience for the operator. Terrain details when moving the machine in the forest is felt by the operator and the weight when handling the felled tree can be recognized in the motion system. The motion platform requires single-phase power 115-230 VAC 50/60 Hz for operations.

Simulator from cabin with C93

Harvester software

The harvester software includes a high-fidelity simulation of the Komatsu Forest Harvester 931 with S92 (with multi-tree handling), C93 heads and an extensive library of training scenarios. The emulated control and information system (MaxiXplorer or MaxiXT) includes bucking table functionality and automatic cutting feature. You can even save the work in progress and continue the next day with the Save & Load feature.

Tracked Harvester Software

The tracked harvester (PC200) application includes operator training on tracked harvester with either Suregrip or EME levers. In addition of the standard harvester training package, the tracked harvester includes a roadside processing scenario.

Screen print from forwarder software with a red Komatsu harvester

Forwarder software

The forwarder software includes a high-fidelity simulation of the Komatsu Forest Forwarder 855 with 130F and 165F crane and an extensive library of training scenarios. Load a saved session from the Harvester software and load up the felled timber with the Save & Load feature.

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