KF 60

The newest addition to the Komatsu Forest simulator family – the Komatsu Forest 60 – provides the user with a rugged simulator system packed with all of the latest Komatsu Forest technology, all in a portable and easy to use format. The Komatsu Forest 60 lets you have a complete harvester and forwarder on your desk.

The simulator is delivered without a main operator screen by default. For permanent installations a larger screen is recommended to provide more immersion. If you are travelling with the system and need to bring your own screen, a suitable one can be provided.

Standard Package

  • Harvester Software.
  • Forwarder Software.
  • Scenario Editor.
  • Operator Performance System.
  • KCC and/or EME levers with armrest.
  • Multiplayer (requires an additional simulator).
  • All available languages.
  • Height adjustable consoles to allow for an ergonomic working position.
  • Multiple lever options – KCC levers as a standard with optional EME or Suregrip levers.
  • The standard system is delivered with an emulated version of MaxiExplorer.
  • The system comes in a rugged transport case for easy transport.


  • Expandable with an authentic MaxiXT system as an option – usable with both the Harvester and the Forwarder. The MaxiXT system connects to the base unit via a single connector and is easy to add as an expansion at a later stage.
  • The system is prepared for VR (option). No additional computers needed.
  • Forestry excavator application (option).
  • Forestry excavator pedal kit (option).
Man with Oculus Rift VR headset

Virtual Reality

Want even more immersion? Enable the VR module of the simulator and step into the machine. The full 360 degree visuals provide depth perception and view perspective. If you have selected the MaxiXT kit option, you will have a live feed from the MaxiXT HMI available in your virtual environment as well.


Adding the MaxiXT option will transform your simulator from an operator training tool to something much more powerful. The ability to provide a deep understanding of the machine and teach operators how to use real machine features such as real price lists. The possibility to understand the full process, from opening an area for production and until everything is done and the final production reports are delivered from the machine gives the operator a deeper understanding of how one works with a real machine. Furthermore the authentic MaxiXT system will allow the operator to adjust functions speeds, mappings and sequences using the same interfaces as they would in the real machine. The MaxiXT kit integrates StanForD2010 support into the simulator, one can read spi-, oin- and pin-files as well as producing hpr-files as in the real machine.

Screenshot with Komatsu harvester and forwarder

Train in groups and collaborate

With the multiplayer function, two simulators can operate in the same virtual environment. A forwarder and a harvester can interact and the statistics will present their combined results.

Enhanced Operator Performance System

The Komatsu Forest Operator Performance System (OPS) has been updated with easy to understand operator metrics. Operators work to achieve gold, silver or bronze level for a large set of measurement points. A general grading is provided for each scenario the operator has completed. The operator will need to reach a minimum level for all measured parameters to reach that overall level for the scenario.

Customise the landscape and forest stands

The Scenario Editor enables custom design of forest stands in the simulation. By choosing the appropriate tree species, terrain and forest density, the operator can train under the same conditions found in the forest. Choose between birch, pine and spruce. An instructor can also manually “paint” trees in the terrain.

Harvester training

The harvester software includes a high-fidelity simulation of the Komatsu Forest Harvester 931 with S92 (with multi-tree handling) and C93 heads. The emulated MaxiXplorer includes bucking table functionality and automatic cutting feature. Save your work in progress and continue the next day where you left off with the Save & Load feature. Below you find the standard included scenarios. However, unlimited number of new exercises can be created with the Forest Editor.

Training Scenarios

  • Basic Gripping
  • Advanced Gripping
  • Basic Felling
  • Advanced Felling
  • Clearcutting 20×60 Meter
  • Complex Clearcutting
  • Sparse Stand
  • Natural Stand
  • Natural Ribbons
  • Thinning

Forwarder training

The forwarder software includes a high-fidelity simulation of the Komatsu Forest Forwarder 855 with 130F and 165F crane. Load a saved session from the Harvester software and load up the felled timber with the Save & Load feature. Below you find the standard included scenarios. However, unlimited number of new exercises can be created with the Forest Editor.

Training Scenarios

  • Forwarding Introduction
  • Stacking Boxes
  • Sorting Logs
  • Obstacle Course
  • Championship
  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus
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