KF 500 Forestry Excavator – MPF & 3 screens

This simulator is equipped with the tracked harvester software, three industrial 55” screens, the original Komatsu excavator operator seat, one pair of original levers based on your choice and a motion platform.
The standard set-up includes an emulated MaxiXplorer screen for added training value.

Extra pair of levers, Virtual Reality, Wheeled Harvester and Forwarder software are available as options for increased authenticity.

Standard Package

  • 500 Simulator Base on Motion System
  • 3 x 55″ NEC Full HD Display
  • 15″ Display (MaxiXplorer)
  • Tracked Harvester (PC200) Software
  • Operator Performance System
  • Suregrip and/or EME levers with Komatsu Forest original seat
  • Pedals
  • All available languages
  • Transport Case


  • Harvester & Forwarder Software with KCC and/or EME levers
  • Virtual Reality (require Harvester & Forwarder Software)
  • Upgrades & Support Agreements

Customise the landscape and forest stands

The Scenario Editor enables custom design of forest stands in the simulation. By choosing the appropriate tree species, terrain and forest density, the operator can train under the same conditions found in the forest. Choose between birch, pine and spruce. An instructor can also manually “paint” trees in the terrain.

Operator Performance System

The OPS is a powerful database and reporting tool that manages simulator users and tracks the usage of the simulator. The system collects during each session and provides an extensive report on safety, performance and economical KPI’s.

A teacher station is available as option, where the instructor has a more dynamic view and can zoom in and out, and observe machines from various angles. The instructor can set up learning paths to ensure that the student is reaching their educational goals. The instructor can also pause the simulation, record video clips and create comments with time stamps.

Tracked Harvester Software

The tracked harvester (PC200) application includes operator training on tracked harvester with either Suregrip or EME levers. In addition of the standard harvester training package, the tracked harvester includes a roadside processing scenario.

Training Scenarios

  • Basic Gripping
  • Advanced Gripping
  • Basic Felling
  • Advanced Felling
  • Clearcutting 20×60 Meter
  • Complex Clearcutting
  • Sparse Stand
  • Natural Stand
  • Natural Ribbons
  • Thinning

MaxiXT (option)

The MaxiXT package completes the simulator by giving it the real MaxiXT system integrated with the simulation. Increases the training and what can be done in the simulator. This package replaces the emulated MaxiXplorer.

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